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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wait and bleed....

       Back in 2006, I was hired as an English tutor by a Korean Missionaries; I think their group was named “Overseas Missionary in the Philippines Incorporated”. Truthfully, I was not that good in English, though I know that I can compete or converse fluently in these language, I was not that confident to teach other nation, especially those who are what I call “monster” by means of computation or in easy understanding...Math.
           January 11, 2006, was it accidentally that after 5yrs. I’m going to blog my said experience in one of my country’s top Hospital...
           I was reading a Korean manga, when our phone rang; it was one of my student’s school teachers, saying that my boss’s daughter had an accident and must be rushed to a hospital. Needless to say, we rushed my student to a near clinic.It was in alabang town centre, a 1st class clinic for those pesky “conos” in our village. I think it was already 2pm and the place is still full of patient, we were asked to wait for our turn in a corner, but my boss was tired of waiting and was too nervous for her daughter. Anxiously, he blurted out something that had kicked me in my ass. “Filipinos love to wait, wait then patay”. He was right; we had been waiting for our turn for almost 2hrs.
           “Bring her to a real hospital.” Says by my co-English-tutor! I know, a clinic is just for check-up, but what’s the sense of it if it can’t help those poor patients that had been waiting for hours? And only to find out that they can’t be helped? Fucking clinics, we left in dismay, and forcing to transfer to a nearest hospital...and it was ASIAN HOSPITAL in alabang. An exclusive hospital for those filthy rich and vagrants has no room in here.  Needless to say, my student was treated immediately. Her hand was operated not longer than half an hour...and it only worth 75k. No typo in here again, you read it right. For a simple splint in the hand, it cost that much.  If you want to br treated in a hospital in a right manner, to be cared of in a humanly approach, to be attended by nurses like a stool rushed by flies...all you need is a thick pocket.

            Lately I was rushed to our Provincial hospital, only again to wait and bleed for hours. Only those who have “Padrinos” or influence inside was treated rightly. Some were already dying in line while others was cut into between the lines by their fucking relatives or friends who work in the said hospital, using their bland power to manipulate the line. We wasted 2hrs again before I was called inside, it was my turn and only to find out that I will be send to a private Hospital, lucky I am... and only to be told to come back on Monday, what if I die on Sunday? Must I still come back?
            I’m not a T.V. drama fan, but i used to watched E.R., if you’re in your Twenties or older I know you know this. It’s a T.V. program based on a surreal life situation on a hospital where nurses and doctors rushes towards a patient. Like a pack of wolves hunting for their prey.  How i wish that here in our country we could also be treated like this, like a consumer in a market where all vendors’ attention is in him while he was only passing by to look for something...to be treated with respect, humanly, to be cared and treated rightly. Medical care was not exclusive for the rich and famous, I think. But, as long as my country lives in a dream where vagabonds has no place in hospitals and my unfortunate brothers must first die in their skid row before a medical practitioner hear their sorrow, will always be far from waking up....will all just be hanging in a suspended animation..dreaming in reality.

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